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You're getting the exact Direct Response Training System used to grow a international team of 30+ Video Editors at our 7-figure creative agency. Includes 30+ Hours of Training, Ad Templates & Resources to level up any editor.

Onboard New Video Editors ✅

The hardest part about new video editors is getting them up to speed on Direct Response. Put them through the AdsRx program and they'll be armed & ready to crush it.

Level Up Existing Creative Team ✅

If you want to improve the results of your existing team, put them through the AdsRx training and give them all the resources they need to succeed and get you better results.

Learn How to Edit Video Ads Yourself ✅

If you prefer to DIY then this is perfect for you too. Get your hands dirty in the video ad editing process for your business.

...see exactly what goes into 7-Figure ad Timelines"

& come out a bad-ass direct response editor 🔥

so if you can't wait to...

  • Catapult Your Career as a Video Editor

  • Get High-Paying Clients on Command

  • Learn Insider Direct Response Ad Secrets 

  • Be Part of an Exclusive Creative Community

  • 10X Your Video Ad Performance

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+380 members


here's 3 REASONS WHY

your VIDEO ad EDItor's SUCK...


You think your ads are "fine"

I highly doubt this...most Founders or Video Editors don't actually understand what goes into making an ad that explodes. Your perspective is limited.


You aren't a creative

Your job shouldn't be to teach creative people - it should be focused on growing your business & hiring the right players.


You don't invest in training

Tagging your editors in posts doesn't count as training. Creatives need proper guidance and practice. Let's change that today.

...and change won't happen

until you take action.




I get it... editing video ads that convert like crazy is F*KING hard

Stay on this page if you've experienced any of the following as a Creative or Entrepreneur:

  • You want to level up in Direct Response editing, but can't find sh*t online about it.

  • Your ads aren't converting and need to figure out a solution – FAST.

  • You want to edit your own KILLER video ads, but have no clue where to start.

  • You want to train your creative team on Direct Response ads but lack the time or experience to do so.

  • You want to find vetted Direct Response editors without having to qualify hundreds of editors in Upwork or OnlineJobs.PH

  • You want to level up as a creative, acquire more marketing skills and flat out just make more money.

Look, I get it... the struggle is 100% real.

When your ads don't convert – everyone loses.


Founders don't get paid.

Teams don't get paid.

Creatives don't get paid.

Zuckerberg doesn't get paid.

Trust me – I've been there myself...DOZENS of times.

my name is jon felix reyes and 6 years ago I was in -$100k in debt.

After getting kicked out of my multiple 8-figure Supplement company and hitting rock bottom from substance abuse and poor financial choices... 

I was left with two choices:

1. Go back to getting a real job

2. Build a new business, from scratch. 

With no other option - I went with choice #2:

I tried starting up a new supplement company – FAILED.

I tried freelancing as a web designer + videographer - FAILED.

I tried drop shipping - FAILED.

And in 2017, I was desperate in over my head with -$100k in debt.

Sold my car, downsized my living conditions and saw I had -$2000 in my bank account.

I was properly - F*CKED.

So I called everyone I knew to see if I could get a job at their place.

I even considered working at a Fast-Food joint... seriously.

But that's when I had the idea to start a Video Production company for Dropshippers and create custom Video Ads for people who wanted affordable creatives... all for $97 per video.

It was a RIDICULOUS offer.

So in 2018, I posted a video in a Facebook group saying I'd make this company and held myself accountable and within a few days later I launched it.

That's when EcomVids was born.

In just 2 years we went from a 3 Co-Founders to a team of 50 and hit 7-figures in revenue.

It was insane growth.

We were pumping out HUNDREDS of video ads per month at our studio.

But as much as it seemed like a huge success, I had no fucking clue what I was doing. 

I had to figure out systems, hiring processes, training, payroll, sales and so much more.

The BIGGEST problem we faced was the fact that NO ONE had legit Direct Response Experience out of the gate.

Everyone had to be trained from the ground up.

This was insanely difficult – especially when we had multiple international editing teams in the Philippines and in Serbia.

But pressure makes diamonds.

And over the years we created our own Internal Ad Creative Playbook, Templates, Systems & Cheatsheets that converted beginner videographers and editors..

...into BANGER Direct Response Creatives.

So after 6 long years of: 

  • Blood, sweat and literal tears producing 7,000+ creatives

  • Working for hundreds of ecom brands & businesses

  • Spending $150k+/month on payroll costs

  • Grinding, failing and figuring out what works & doesn't

We finally created a system that showed proven results for our agency clients and team...

And today I'm sharing that EXACT Direct Response Training System with you....

introducing ADSRX

The Ultimate Direct Response Video Ad Training System

Exclusive Trainings

Direct response trainings from industry experts you won't find anywhere else.

5+ Courses  |  35+ Hours

$5,000 Value


Ask questions and get solutions to your biggest roadblocks (2-4 times per month).

Monthly Coaching Calls

$2,500 Value


Access over 600+ Direct Response Ad Templates for Premiere Pro proven to convert.

New Templates Released Monthly

$1,000+ Value

Private Community

Safe, spam-free community for conversations, hiring, feedback and genuine support.

Get Advice From Other Experts

$1,000 Value


🧠  Creative Strategy

💻 Video Editing

🎥 Production

🎯 Testing

✏️ Ad Scripting

💻 Video Editing

👋 Hiring


🗒️ VSL's

🤑 Mindset

📈 Scaling


Direct Response Video Editing Mastery

9 Modules  |  15+ Hours

$1,500 Value

See Lessons

Training Overview:

PART 1 - Overview

Module 1 - AdsRx Program Overview

PART 2 - Intro to Direct Response

Module 2 - What is Direct Response Marketing

PART 3 - Video Editor Requirements

Module 3.1 - Pre-Reqs to Video Editing

Module 3.2 - Editor Responsibilities

Module 3.3 - 5 Levels of A Performance Creative

PART 4 - Leveling Up As An Editor

Module 4.1 - 3 States to Develop

Module 4.2 - How to Enter Flow State

Module 4.3 - Finding Inspiration

Module 4.4 - Becoming a Better Editor

PART 5 - Creative Strategy

Module 5.1 - Product & Customer Research

Module 5.2 - Customer Research

Module 5.3 - Customer Awareness Level

Module 5.4 - Customer Sophistication Level

Module 5.5 - LIVE Full Creative Strategy Walkthrough

PART 6 - Performance Ads

Module 6 - WINNING Video Ad Breakdowns

Module 6.1 - Truth About Performance Ads

Module 6.2 - Video Ad Frameworks

Module 6.3 - 3 Hook Types

Module 6.4 - Ad Types

PART 7 - Media Management

Module 7.1 - How to Organize Your Media Assets

PART 8 - Editing Video Ads

Module 8 - Editing Commercial Videos

Module 8 - Editing UGC Ads

Module 8.1 - 11 Step Video Ad Editing Process

Module 8.2 - How to Create Modular Clips

Module 8.3 - Assembling Clips + Story

Module 8.4 - Adding Titles, Effects & Overlays

Module 8.5 - Editing Voice Overs

Module 8.6 - Adding Scroll Stoppers

Module 8.7 - How to Create Multiple Ad Variations with 1 Shoot


Master The Art of Video Sales Letters

5 Modules  |  2+ Hours

$495 Value

See Lessons

Training Overview:

Welcome Direct Response Creative

Module 1 - Intro to VSLs

Module 2 - Do Your Research

Module 3 - Scripting Your VSL

Module 4 - Getting Content For Your VSL

Module 4.1 - VSL Editing Breakdowns

Module 5 - Optimizing Your VSL

VSL Next Steps

Bonuses - VSL Inspo + Training Doc


Learn The Basics & Shortcuts to Premiere Pro

5 Modules  |  3+ Hours

$297 Value

See Lessons

Training Overview:

Accessing Premiere Pro

Getting Started with Premiere Pro

Creating Aspect Ratio Presets

Learn The Shortcuts

How to Create & Export GIFS

5-DAY video ad editor CHALLENGE

How to Become a Deadly Direct Response Video Editor

5 Modules  |  7+ Hours

$995 Value

See Lessons

Training Overview:

Day 1 - The Underdog Story

Day 2 - Learn The Skills That Pay The Bills
Day 3 - Drive More Sales As a Video Editor
Day 4 - Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset
Day 5 - How to Advance Your Career

BONUS - 5 Viral Script Breakdowns

LEARN video ad production

Learn how to shoot e-commerce video ads for yourself

13 Modules  |  10+ Hours

$1,995 Value

See Lessons

Training Overview:

Welcome to The Academy

Intro to Direct Response Marketing

Staying Compliant

Casting For Your Videos


Equipment & Design

Basic Camera Skills



Production Teams

Filming Production (BTS)

Special Effects

Final Steps


Get Instant Access to 600+ ad templateS FOR PREMIERE PRO

+ new templates released monthly!

+ scripts, guides & cheatsheets

ad Scripts

Access our proven Direct Response Ad Scripts.

$297 Value


Leverage worksheets for Creative Strategy.

$197 Value


Get inspiration from winning Direct Response ads.

$99 Value

what members say


Agency Owner

I've been really diving in this week and AdsRX is phenomenal-there's no way I could have produced high quality ads on my own but now with the templates we have you've literally made it easy even for an Adobe Premiere Pro NOVICE like myself.



VSL Video Editor

I've significantly improved my direct response video editing skills, thanks to the in-depth, practical teachings not found elsewhere. Experts often gatekeep or only cover editing software basics. This course filled my knowledge gap and helped me recoup my investment within a month. I even found new clients in the community.



Agency Owner

I've been putting my team through your training and been going through it myself, it is full of value and a great resource


Iman Riz Noah

UGC Video Editor

After joining AdsRx and slack society my ideas became more creative and I made a lot of brands achieve the sales target more than their expectation.



Video Editor

Such great value and l'm learning a lot... taking TONS of notes and look forward to taking action, creating, and testing my hooks! :)



Video Editor

The training courses have been instrumental in me growing as a video editor and have been incredibly insightful. The assets are super convenient and have helped me to be more efficient in video editing. I use many of the assets daily and they have helped immensely.


Joriel Cunanan


I would like to express my gratitude to you for all the learning you've provided in the ADSRX course. The helped it provided in my video production was tremendous. I also want to extend my thanks for creating this group. May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly in all your endeavors. Thank you.


Tracey Wong

Creative Director

Dude, it's AMAZING!! I'm just going through them all and it's literally like Christmas for me. Can't tell you how many thousands of hours I've created these templates from scratch in After Effects. This is going to save our team sooooo much time. Thank you


opey flierl

eCom Owner

Loving the content, really happy Jon has the perspective on editing from a business owner, and not just a creative.


Calle Lundell

Video Editor

I'm absolutely LOVING the course, the templates and everything about this Slack Channel - so much value!!


kevin anson

Ad Agency Owner

My mind is blown and my team's mind was so blown away...I want to let everyone know about it. Pat yourself on the back. This is huge. You've done a great thing here for the Video advertising industry


hicham o.

Video Editor

Thanks Jon for providing such valuable templates to simplify my tasks.



All plans have full access to all trainings, templates and community. Prices increase as more content is added so lock in your price today!


Pay once a year

SAVE 60%

$995 / YR

Access all trainings, templates & community

*Cancel anytime + Money Back Guarantee


One Time Payment



Access all trainings, templates & community

Money Back Guarantee

UH OH... 😩


1. Schedule a Call with Jon Reyes

2. Diagnose problem with your ads

3. Create an action + strategy plan to fix your ads

Call recording + strategy plan are provided

who is this for?

AdsRx is for any of the following:

Ecom Brands

Agency Owners



Video Editors

UGC Creators

What's included in the all access?

With the All Access Membership you'll unlock:

All Premiere Pro Templates + Updates + New Releases. We currently have 600+ Templates available and release new ones monthly.

All Courses & Trainings

This includes template tutorials plus our Advanced Direct Response Editor Training & future course releases.

Thriving Slack Community

Get access to our Slack where other entrepreneurs & creatives join to collaborate and where we release updates & trainings weekly.

Custom Requests

If you want us to create a certain template or training, just ask and we'll put it into consideration

24/7 Support

Our team is prompt and ready to help at any given time. We'll make sure your issues are resolved in 24-72 hours.


Yes, we currently have our courses in English, Spanish & Russian.

If you have a special language request reach out to us at hi@adsrx.co and we will add it to the courses.

can I hire editors from the community?

Yes, we have specific channels within the slack for posting job opportunities!

do I need video editing experience?

No you do not – however it will help.

Many of our trainings teach principles and strategies so you will still gain value.


Sure you can cancel, but you will lose out on all perks including:

Slack Channel Access
New Templates & Updates
New Courses & Updates

If your membership payment does not go through after 1 month - you will be automatically removed. 

If you purchased the Yearly membership, you will retain your membership for the rest of the year.


Yes absolutely, we encourage it. 

Use the same slack invite to bring them into the channels where they can continue to learn and level up their skills.


Yes to access the templates.

However all the trainings are based on strategy and technique that can be applied to any program.

does this work for capcut, Final cut or davinci resolve?

No, unfortunately the templates don't work for any of these other programs.

when will I see results?

Results will vary from person to person and level of commitment. Learning is an ongoing process and required application. Depending on your dedication and experience - you can see results within the first month.


Yes if you GAINED ZERO value from this entire experience - we will refund you. But I highly doubt this.